SQL Admin

A lightweight JDBC client java tool

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SQL Admin is a Java client application to connect and send queries to different databases through JDBC.
The main idea is to create a multiplatform and multidatabase thin client. For example you can connect to an Microsoft SQL Server from a Linux machine, or connect to a PostgreSQL/Linux server from a windows machine using the same application

A note about SQLAdmin branches

There is an stable version of SQLAdmin using the Swing Toolkit. Currently a new version is under development, but we have replaced Swing toolkit by the new SWT toolkit (See SWT in
The Eclipse Proyect).
This page is focused only in new developments (SWT Version)


SQL is a simple tool, but it has nice features:

To Do

New developers are always welcome... here there are some needed features:


We know, you love them
They are all the same application with different GTK themes. I 've included a windows screenshot also.

GTK 2.x BlueCurve Theme

Connection Setup

Driver Setup

GTK 1.x older version

Running on Windows 98


Current version is 0.2.2, avalaible from sourceforge.net
Franco Catrin L.
fcatrin at tuxpan.com
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